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Welcome to Cheap as Bleep’s blog series on hunting down the biggest savings using our trade tips and tricks! One of the most commonly asked questions we get is – How do you find all these deals?? While we can’t give away the golden goose, we’re happy to break down some of the basics to put you on the path to mastering the deals game.

Our first tip is a pretty simple one that’s often overlooked – editing your Amazon URL search results to hone in on the biggest savings. All you have to do to hack this deal search is add the following edits to the end of your browser URL when searching on Amazon’s website. These work on store pages, search results, and departments. There are dozens of edits, but the four most basic that we use are:

URL EditFunction
&price=0001-1000Price range of $0.01 – $10.00
&pct-off=30-9930-99% reduced off of highest historical list price
&s=price-asc-rankSort by price, low to high
&srs=2231352011Returns clip-able coupons

Let’s break it down a little more. Say you’re searching for toys. You’d pull up:


But now let’s say you’re only interested in toys that are on an extreme discount, say 70-99% off. You’d simply add the &pct-off edit to make the following URL:


Now there is one major caveat to using &pct-off. It reflects the percent off the highest ever list price a product has had. So if a $5 toy ever had an inflated list price of $50, it’d be considered 90% off, even though it’s actually at its usual price. To really get relevant results, we’re gonna want to search by cheapest. So our new URL will look like this (remember to check the prime box to sort out non-prime options):


Often times with these edits, only a limited number of pages will pull. In order to see higher-priced products, you may need to adjust the price range. In the above edit, we only get 7 prime pages after checking the prime box – ending at $7.99. To pull our next 7, all we need to do is adjust price:


I’ve left the right end of the price range open because we’re gonna get cut off anyway, but you can close that if you don’t want to go above a certain price point. Lastly, let’s say we’re only interested in toys on extreme discount, sorted by lowest price and have a clip-able coupon. We’re gonna simply remove the price range and tack on our coupon edit:


Unfortunately, finding something at that high of a true discount with a coupon is pretty rare, so let’s try reducing the discount range to 25-70% off:


And now we’re in the money with some hot coupon/drop double discounts! This is one of the most basic and easiest ways to score savings while simply browsing the entire Amazon store.

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